Technology Focus LLC

                  Adding Innovative and Tech-based Analytical, Strategic and Programmatic
           Value to Your Organization


Technology Focus (TecFocus) is a small business (created in 1999) providing engineering services, technology development, and strategic planning to clients in industry and the Department of Defense.  The Senior Partners, Dr.Paul Feintuch and Dr. Frank Reed, have over 80 years of experience in all phases of system development, from concept synthesis and performance analysis to development and field testing.  We specialize in the extraction of weak signals completely buried in noise and interference, and the processing of that information for the full range of applications including sonar, radar, communication systems, and GPS.   Areas of expertise include:

  • Military combat, sensor, signal and information processing systems
  • Passive and active sonar, both in-water and in-air
  • Underwater Mine detection and countermeasure systems
  • Torpedo sonar, guidance and control
  • Classification techniques
  • Multi-sensor data fusion
  • Remote sensing systems
  • Adaptive noise cancellation and spatial processing
  • Applications of statistical communication
  • High sensitivity GPS
  • Automated detection, localization and classification for autonomous vehicles

We invite you to peruse the summary of recent projects to determine if our expertise could help you achieve your corporate objectives.  TecFocus has provided technical innovation to our clients, both large and small, and has also supported the growth of their businesses through assessment of their technology needs, proposal development and red-teaming.