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Dr Paul L. Feintuch – Senior Partner, Technology Focus LLC

Education       BSEE, The Cooper Union, 1967
                          MSEE, University of Southern California, 1969
                          Ph.D., University of Southern California, 1972

Experience – Dr. Paul L. Feintuch is a major innovator in the field of sonar signal processing, especially applied to adaptive beamforming and filtering. He has authored over 25 reviewed journal articles and 12 patents specifically in these areas of signal processing. Prior to co-founding Technology Focus LLC (TecFocus) he held the position of Chief Scientist and Director of Advanced Programs at the Naval and Maritime Systems business unit of Raytheon Systems (formerly Hughes Aircraft Company). In that role he led all IR&D for the business unit, developed the concept for the Rapid Airborne Mine Clearing System (RAMICS), and led the industry component of the RAMICS ATD IPT. He also led the DARPA program called the Internetted Unattended Ground Sensor (IUGS), which is a remotely deployed surveillance system for battlefield situational awareness that employs multiple sensor types (including acoustics) which are automatically fused. At TecFocus he has been the Principal Investigator several SBIRs, including the Phase II SBIR N00-112 with ONR, and is the innovator of several technologies that have led to Phase II SBIRs with the Army and Air Force. He is the  innovator of several TecFocus products, including the non-parametric classifier for NAVAIR, and the Broadband Noise Reduction applied to a variety of acoustic sensor systems.   In addition, Dr. Feintuch is an Adjunct Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Southern California, where he teaches many graduate courses in communication theory and signal processing, among them Array Signal Processing and Sonar Signal Processing.

Dr Frank A. Reed – Senior Partner, Technology Focus

Education          BSEE, University of Connecticut, 1966
                            MSEE, University of Southern California, 1977
                            Ph.D., University of Southern California, 1981

Experience – Dr. Reed has forty-two years of experience with military systems, including sensors, signal processing, information processing and management, environmental adaptation and display.   He has been involved in every phase of programs including research, algorithm design and statistical analysis, system concept development, system engineering, system implementation in hardware and software, simulation and field testing. He has provided technical oversight and consultation across a wide range of Dod and IR&D projects. He has provided development, management, evaluation and review of projects, reports and proposals. He has also been responsible for the development of technical concepts and strategies for new business development. He has been a trusted advisor to both management and customer throughout his career.

Since founding Technology Focus with Dr. Paul Feintuch, he has been an investigator on eight SBIRs, developing new sensors for unattended ground surveillance systems, techniques for acoustic classification of mines underwater, algorithms for environmentally insensitive classification, and joint monostatic-bistatic targeting techniques for  surface and helicopter dipping sonars.   He has also developed workstation automation techniques on the USW-21 program, leading to another SBIR in statistical workload allocation and has performed requirements analysis and verification for the DDG-1000 USW System, both subcontracting to Raytheon.   He designed, prototyped and implemented detection,classification and localization processing for underawter and in-ari sonars.  He developed specialized techniques for RF localization using measured Doppler.   As a Principal Scientist for Hughes Aircraft Company (later Raytheon), Dr. Reed was Technical Director for the DARPA Anti-Helicopter Mine program that used in-air acoustic detection in conjunction with a millimeter wave radar. He was also undersea warfare lead for DDX and IUSW-21; a Member of the Navy's IUSW-21 Peer Group defining USW technology for the 21st century, and of the Echo Tracker Classifier Peer Evaluation; Technical Director of ALFS Shallow Water Upgrade and Multistatic Sonar programs; Chair of a joint Navy-Industry Working Group to implement the Navy’s Echo Tracker Classifier in ALFS; and Principal investigator for various development programs in multistatics, adaptive processing, active and passive DCL, channel adaptive sonar and waveform design.